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New Final Fantasy XIV FC with new but competent players looking for 2-3 members


Hey there!We are FOCUS, a new rank 3 FFXIV Gil FC
About US1.Currently casual gamers who in the past have raided hard core in other MMOs 2.hilarious Vent Conversations.3.Working on crafting to be self sustaining.4.We are early to mid 20s, we can no longer raid like we used to in highschool XD so we are more laid back, laid back does not mean bad. 5.We haven't really attempted any 8 man raids in this game yet because we are relatively new but are now starting to look to learn together.

Looking For:1.WHM, BRD, BLM 2.Smart players who want a small FC (8-9)3.Drama Free4.Sense of humor is a must and cannot be easily offended5.We raid on the weekends, mainly Sunday and Monday night (as of now, just started 'raiding')6.able to name wu tang clan members
If this works message:Daisy DukeElly Mae 

Published by , 09.04.2015 at 05:09
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