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FF14 is the reason I have trust issues 2.55 spoilers


I literally trust no one anymore. Never trusted Ilbred because he had a ****-eating grin 24/7 Buy FFXIV Gil. He might as well have been screaming "I'M THE BAD GUY MY SMILE SAYS SO LOOK AT MY HAIRSTYLE DONT I LOOK TRUSTING?" I think this also has to do with the fact that there are more betrayals in FF14 than I can count.

So now its expected to have someone betray you in the end and doesnt come off as a surprise. Rather than a list of allies you have a list of people who might shank you in your sleep. It was also rather obvious that Ilbred would be the betrayer because hes a Highlander and Highlanders and Lalafels hate friendship and will betray you no matter what. I imagine Hildibrand would betray you too if he wasnt to busy pulling the tail of his assistant. We also hired an ex-Imperial which leads me to believe we are a wind up doll with no sense of thought or comprehension and surprised no one when he was the one who helped stabbed us in the ff14store back.

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