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What the future holds Final Fantasy XIV 2.5 SPOILERS discussion


Well now that we know what happened, I would like to know your FFXIV Gil ideas, and theories on what is to become of Ul'dah

Will it remain a monarchy or will it become something else?It would be cool if SE had actually a plan to make it an "enemy" city-state or a place not welcoming to players anymore.

So that gradually we are "ejected" and forced to either go to the other 2 city states or to Ishgard.
What IMO would be VERY VERY VERY COOL is one of the following, or why not the two
1. Have SE gradually lead us to us Players rnto ecapturing Ala-Mhigo, rebuild it (like they expanded Revenants toll) and make it a city proper and offer Ul'dans that are not friendly to the syndicate a home
2. Have us rebuild Si'dhi (SP) the siste city-state of Ul'dah
I guess i AM VERY fond to the idea of actual world changing environments. What they are doing in Revenatns toll is IMO fantastic. Makes the world feel alive and that it changes.
Ejecting players from Ul'dah would be pretty unfair for players who chose the Immortal Flames as a GC.
As for what it will become, in the end probably a republic like Nanamo envisioned. For now it is run by the Monetarists. However they aren't completely without resistance to their rule. They still need to handle the populous and I'd say they are far from sold on the guilt of the WoL. Further, the Immortal Flames are still an institution and one that opposes the Monetarists.
Its worth noting that the Monetarists took great pains to stay within the law, by appearances at least. Save for the assassination which they framed you for, they haven't done anything worse than arrest people except when actions have given them freedom to act freely. Raubahn for example, they would never had been able to put in prison if he hadn't killed Teleji. All they could do was discredit him.
My suspicions is that the Monetarists will try to consolidate their hold on power while they try and obtain Omega. With Omega they can switch from manipulation to brute force and can use it much like the Garleans did Ultima to try and force everyone in line. 
I think we will bring down the Monetarists by the end of the 3.0 cycle. I think we will see a republic form, quite possibly with a freed Raubahn at its head. We are about to face a full force invasion by Garlemald. I think Heavensward will be us bringing all Eorzea together to face that titan. Before we just had the ambitions of a Legate. Now we are facing an invasion driven by the desire of the Emperor. I do think we will see Ala Mhigo become FFXIV Power leveling key in that battle but when that happens is hard to stay at this point.

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